Beginner Softball Drills: The fundamental drills required for all Softball players

Beginner Softball Drills SIMPLE

Beginner softball drills allow players not to only learn the fundamentals; they are also fun. The kids will be entertained while improving their game. Practice can get drab without drills. Here are some great drills to improve arm strength, fielding, and hitting.

DRILL 1 (Beginner Softball Drills)

Soccer ball drill

This is an important softball drill for kids that helps improve arm strength. This drill is great for fast pitchers as it will build players’ arm strength and also teach pitch recognition. And best of all, you can practice this anytime anywhere. Because all you need is a few footballs (soccer types).

Here are the items you need:

  • a plunger
  • a tee
  • 3-4 footballs
  • a bat

How To Do This Drill

  • Start by placing the ball on the plunger (which have been turned upside down and is inside the top of the tee).
  • Then line up using the tee, and hit the football hard and through as you would a softball ball.

This drill is very simple to practice and application can be anywhere. All you need is a couple of balls.

 Purpose Of This Softball Drills For Kids

  • The soccer ball drill helps build forearm strength
  • This drill will allow players see and understand the rotation on balls (players needs to add backspin when hey strike the ball.)
  • These beginner softball drills helps the young players learn to drive through balls without pulling off.

The use of j bands also help improves arm strength.

DRILL 2 (Beginner Softball Drills)

Infield throwing drill

This softball drills for fielding is to help develop the fielding, throwing and catching of the young players.

Before You Start, The Drill There Has To Be:

  • 1 catcher in position
  • 4 fielders
  • 1 hitter at home plate
  • 1 pitcher in position

How To Do This Drill

  • The drill starts with the coach/ trainer fields a ground ball to the 3b, the 3b then tosses the ball to the catcher who then touches home as if getting a force out.
  • The catcher throws the ball to 1b like she is completing a double play.
  • The 1b now returns the softball ball back to the catcher.
  • The trainer then hits a ground ball so the ss, 1b, 2b, and p, that way the same play is performed.
  • After the ball has been hit to 1b, 2b moves over in order to cover the 1st base because the 1b won’t be able to get back to the bag in order to make the play.
  • When all the fielders have fielded the ground ball, the players then move to the left and then to the end of the line at the next position.
  • The first player in the line then moves into the field that position.
  • This will continue until all the players have played every position.

Beginner Softball Drills-Infield Drills

DRILL 3 (Beginner Softball Drills)

Homerun derby

This drill is a hitting and a great way to end a practice.

Before You Start, You Will Need:

  • A lot of softball balls or tennis balls
  • Throw down bases
  • Outfield fence

How To Do This Drill

  • Put 4 bases about 6 feet apart from one another in a straight line from 2nd base to the pitcher mound. Each base is supposed to be the home plate.
  • Then, you should set the outfield fence in a way that the batters can hit home runs
  • Subsequently, distribute the players around the field and let them field the balls.
  • The coach/ trainer should field the balls from the shallow center field.
  • When the players hit the balls over the outfield fence, it counts as a home run. For every home run, the batter gets anther swing.


If the players are finding it difficult to hit a home run, vary the distance of the outfield fence so there have a better chance of hitting a home run

The Advantages Of Using Pitching Machine

Beginner Softball Drills-Pitching Machine by amazon

Getting hit by a ball can have an effect on the kids, which can be difficult to overcome at times. Using a pitching machine can help eliminate this. Here are some of the advantages of using a pitching machine.

  • Pitching machines allow the young players to get comfortable with hitting the pitch
  • No more fear that the ball will hit her/him.
  • One of the major advantages of using a pitching machine is consistency. This way the player can get consistent hits.
  • There is a control option on the pitching machines to set the preferred pitch types and speed.
  • Lastly, the pitching machine does not get tired.

 Share with us which are your favorite beginner softball drills below. Also, don’t forget to check out our previous article on the top 4 fun softball drills everyone MUST know.