How to clean softball gloves?

Softball gloves are tricky softball gears. Although they are made of a durable material, that is leather. As such, they are tough and will last for years, even decades. However, that does not mean you cannot damage them. At some point in time, you might feel like getting answer for these questions: How to clean softball gloves, how to oil softball gloves, how can you fix softball gloves, and so on? First, we have to understand there are two main factors that will damage softball/baseball gloves apart from frequent use – heat, and water.

How to clean Softball Gloves?How to clean softball gloves, maintain and even fix them?

Water Damage

Water damage often comes as a result of leaving gloves outdoors. Moreover, you should not wash dirty gloves by submerging them in water or by throwing them in a washer. this will definitely damage them.

Here’s a tip on how to clean softball gloves: You should use a cotton cloth/ rag, a baseball/ softball glove conditioner (ensure the conditioner is approved for use on softball and baseball gloves) and a leather safe cleaner (do not use cleaners designed for saddles and shoes as this could gunk the inside and outside of the softball glove).

Heat Damage

Players trying to break in their gloves are mostly responsible for heat damage. When you get a new glove, it is usually all stiff. This is not ideal when you need to use it in a game. As such, some people try to make it more pliable by sticking the glove in an oven or microwave. This may seem like a good idea, but it just is not. This is because the heat will dry out the laces and cause them to break.

Do Not Microwave Softball Gloves.jpgI have even heard of people driving over their new gloves. This will also most likely cause some damage to the softball gloves.

Here are some tips on how to break in a new softball glove: The best solution is to play catch with your new gloves or use them extensively during softball drills. You can also use a wooden mallet to pound the pocket of the glove. However, this should be done in moderation. You can also place a ball in it, and tie up the glove.

Oil Damage

Oil damage is also a major concern. Because the glove is leather, you should be particular of the conditioners and cleaners you use on them. The leather will soak up the oil, making it heavier.

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How to clean Softball Gloves? Repair Softball Glove

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