How to Swing a Softball Bat (Common Mistakes and Solutions REVEALED)

How to Swing a Softball Bat

A lot goes into a successful bat swing. Apart from having a good softball bat, which is very important, players also need to know how to swing a softball bat. This issue affects both teens and preteen softball players. When hitting mechanism flaws are not corrected, they because more ingrained in the player’s game as she or he grows and develop. However, with the help of softball hitting drills and softball training aids, young players will improve their swings in next to no time.

Here are some bad hitting techniques/ problems that need to be dealt with as soon as you as a coach notice them:

1) Chicken Winging Also Known As Front Elbow Up And Out

This problem occurs when the player’s front elbow comes up, and the barrel drops too soon causing the player to pop the ball up. As you can see this is a problem, especially if the player is hitting the inside pitch.

Correcting This Flaw (How to Swing a Softball Bat)

How to Swing a Softball Bat-Chicken Wing

This habit can be corrected by ensuring your elbow stay down, and taking the knob down towards incoming balls. When a player does this, she ensures the barrel is up and the swing is short until the barrels comes in contact with the ball, then finally descend down below the hands.

Softball Hitting Drills to Correct Chicken Winging (How to Swing a Softball Bat)

A great softball drill is to hit off a tee with a baseball sized whiffle ball or a batting glove with fingers pointing down under the player’s front arm’s armpit. If the whiffle ball or glove drop while the player trying to hit the ball off the tee, then it is likely she is chicken winging.


2) Swinging Too Late

This is one of the more common timing issues and can be frustrating. The best solution to this problem is practice.

Softball Hitting Drills to Correct Swinging Late (How to Swing a Softball Bat)

How to Swing a Softball Bat-Swinging too late

Improving balance – If the player coils and move back before taking his or her stride, the player should move closer to the center. Next, the player should put his or her weight on the inside of her back foot. This will enable the player to move more freely. If the player coils, then she should minimize the coiling movement and place her weight on the inside back foot. If the player successfully does this, then she can take a stride and swing. With practice, the player should see an improvement in her swings and make contact more often.

Relaxing – Sometimes, a player is tensed up due to the pressure she is under to perform. This causes the player to tense up her muscles thus making it harder to swing fast enough. Relaxing can be difficult to achieve in games. One way a player can remind herself to relax is by lifting her fingers off the bat and putting them back on the bat while in stance. As always, practice makes it easier to relax.

Shorter strides – A player may have had a lot of success with long strides but is struggling now. Shorten her stride is a great way to fix this flaw. Widening her stance slightly can help with shortening of strides.


3) No Pivot on Back Foot

It is important for a player to pivot on the back foot as she swings. This enables them control the torque on the back knee, maintain power and maintain the balance in the swing. If a player does not pivot on her back foot, she will not be able to release all the energy from the movement of the hips. In addition, this bad habit places players in an off-balance hitting position.

Softball drills to correct No Pivot on Back Foot (How to Swing a Softball Bat)

How to Swing a Softball Bat-No Pivot

The bat behind the back drill is an excellent way to correct this habit.

There are many more hitting flaws out there. The best way is to identify them and then work on improving them through practice and drills. This is where softball training aids come in handy. If you keep doing the wrong thing over and over, you become better at swinging badly, and bad habits become difficult to stop.

How to Swing a Softball Bat:

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How to Swing a Softball Bat-Josh

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In addition, when it comes to improving a player’s hitting, videos tutorials are important.


Benefits Of the Elite Swing Mechanics Book (+ Instructional Videos) By Bobby Tewksbary

How to Swing a Softball Bat-Elite Swing Mechanics

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