Softball Drills for 12u: Focusing on the fundamentals

Softball Drills for 12u

Regardless of the level of softball you coach when it comes to drills and practice, it is important to focus on the basics, ensure the players are improving, getting involved and enjoying the practice. Enjoying practice is essential when it comes to softball drills for 12u level. If the kids look forward to the practice, it is a sign that you are moving in the right direction.

Another to remember is that kids do not have the attention span that older players may have, as such the softball drills for 12u should be shorter (for instance in comparison to Softball Drills for 14u) and very well organized. Here are some great softball practice drills to keep practice as productive as possible:

Softball Drills for 12u: Batting Drill

Good coaches know the importance of emphasizing batting drills. For starters, it is essential that batters get enough time in the batting cage so as to improve their swing and game. Rather than have your hitters bomb the ball for distance, you should focus on making them situational hitters. Here’s the drill:

  • The hitters should take 5 swings where they try to pull the ball
  • 5 more swings where they try to hit the ballot the opposite field
  • And then last 5 swings where they try to hit the ball up the middle.

This will teach the batters to hit the ball where it is pitch and not just try to pull every pitch that comes their way.

Softball Drills for 12u-Batting Drills

Softball Drills for 12u: Bunting Drills

Good coaches know the importance of bunting to advance the runner; it can be the key in low scoring games. In order for the players to master bunting, you should try this drill.

  • Start by laying 2 pieces of circular tarp 6 feet in diameter and 20 feet from the home plate.
  • Position a tarp at the left side of the infield and another at the right side of the infield.
  • The players should each bunt 5 balls into the each into the left tarp and another 5 into the right circle.

The aim is for players to get at least half of the balls into the tarps.

Softball Drills for 12u: Fielding Drills

This softball practice drills improve fielding. Outfielders and infielders can practice the 3-ball drill.

To start off this drill:

  • Each infielder fields 3 ground balls.
  • The infielder fields the first ball and throws to the first base.
  • The second is thrown to second, so as to begin a double play.
  • The 3rd ball is thrown to the catcher so as to get the runner at home.
  • Outfielders, the coach/ trainer will hit a long drive that compels the outfielder to move away to catch the ball.
  • Also, hit a pop-up that compels the outfielder to come in and finally a hard hit line drive base hit so that the player will have to gather the ball and toss it to the catcher.

Softball Drills for 12u-Fielding Drills

Softball Drills for 12u: Pitching Accuracy

One of the most important parts of a good pitch is accuracy. This drill can help improve the accuracy of your pitcher’s pitches.

  • Position the pitcher 10 feet way from the pitching rubber, and then have her pitch about 15 to 20 times.

This can be quite difficult but once she learns to pitch from a real rubber, it will be less challenging when she throws strikes.

Softball Drills for 12u-Pitch Accuracy

Why Every Player Needs a Headband

Softball headbands are an important part of a softball player’s gear. Apart from the fact that headbands can represent the player’s style and color preferences, they are important if you want to make every aspect of your game perfect

  • Softball headbands help to keep your hair from messing up your game. With the help of a headband, the player can prevent her hair from getting into her face and blocking her sight during the game.
  • Softball headbands also keep sweat from dripping down your face. This can be distracting in the heat of the game. Headbands will wick away sweat.


Be sure to check out our previous article on fun softball drills everyone should know here if you haven’t already! Feel free to share with us which is your favorite drills for 12u in the comment section below~