Softball Drills for Kids

Softball Drills for Kids

When it comes to sports, it is important for players to learn the basics at an early age. This will allow them to develop properly. The fundamentals such as throwing, hitting, and catching the ball are essential if the kids are to develop as softball players. Here are the 3 best softball drills for kids compiled by us:

Softball Drills for Kids

Hitting Drills

Having a level swing can be an issue important regardless of the age group of the hitter. There are several drills to help ensure that the hitter develops a level swing at a young age.

Here is one of the best Softball Drills for Kids to help develop a level swing.

  • Start by acquiring a few cardboard boxes, with the boxes having slightly different heights. You can achieve this by placing slats under the boxes if they are all of the same height. Now place bottles on the top of the boxes.
  • The young hitter will then have to hit the bottles using a bat without toppling the box. This will teach the kid to have a level swing, especially if she has an upwards or downward swing.


Catching And Throwing Drill

Softball Drills for Kids-catching drills

This is one of the best Softball Drills for Kids, if you want to improve their throwing and catching.

  • Position all the young players but one in the outfield. The player left out will be positioned near the home plate.
  • The coach or trainer will hit the ball into the outfield.
  • The player near the home will have to run the bases, and keep on until the ball has been tossed to every player in the outfield. That way all the players get the chance to both catch and throw the ball.
  • The ball is then thrown back to the coach or trainer at the home plate.
  • Each young players will have to be given the opportunity to run the bases. The player who runs most base wins. That way completion develops. This will make the drill a lot of fun.


Throwing Drill

This is a throwing drill that improves agility and coordination.

  • Place a basket on top of a chair at first base.
  • The young players will queue up in the infield in the same spot.
  • The coach or trainer will toss the ball toward the first player in the queue.
  • Ball comes to a full halt
  • The young players will run to the ball, pick it up, and throw it into the basket.
  • The trainer has to ensure the player plants her back foot when throwing

The purpose of ensuring her back foot is planted is to have control over her throw. Furthermore, it will also increase the speed of the ball thrown.

Importance Of Good Softball Equipment

Softball Drills for Kids-softball equipment

Softball Bats

Choosing the right bat is important, as there is several variation among softball bats. When choosing a bat, you should ensure the weight and the height of the player is taken into consideration. Lightweight bats are easier to swing. As such, they are more idea for young players in their softball drills, training or competition.

  • A good bat will allow the player to control her game and increase performance in the field.

There are basically two types of softball bats out there and that is slow pitch bats and fast pitch bats.

The grip of the bat is also important. The common materials the grip is made of include leather, synthetic leather, and rubber. Rubber is an excellent choice as they are great at absorbing shock. Some of the best kids’ softball bats includes: Easton MAKO 11 Fastpitch Softball BatCELEMOON Super Safe Kids Foam Baseball Bat Set (if your kids are between 3-5 years old), DeMarini Bustos Fastpitch Bat, and the Easton 2015 JBB15MKB MAKO.

Softball Cleats

These are simply the footwear worn by softball players. These have spikes at the bottom.

Having the right pair softball cleats will allow the player:

  • Move from side-to-side with more precision,
  • Run faster,
  • Slide into base or home, and
  • Stop more quickly.

The Easton Kids’ Mako 2.0 Rubber Softball Cleats, and the Nike Kids’ Hyperdiamond 2 Keystone Softball Cleat are two great softball cleats to consider.

Bat Pack

A bat pack will allow the player to carry all her gear such as her bats, a batting helmet, glove, cleats, and other essentials. There are several brands out there with differences in carrying capacity. Some allow you to carry up to 4 bats while others carry just 2 bats. Some bat packs have space for more additional equipment than others. Depending on your budget, and needs you can get a bat pack that works for you. Some great bat packs include Louisville Slugger Series 9 Stickpack, DeMarini Voodoo Paradox, and the Mizuno Organizer G3.

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