Softball Hitting Drills

When a coach uses the same drills repeatedly, practice tends to get boring fast. As such, it is important that the coach mixes it up. This is particularly true when it comes to softball hitting drills. When practice gets boring, it becomes difficult for young players to stay focus, and as such, they get less out of the practice sections. It is essential that you, as the coach, bring variety into the practice sections. This will not only motivate the players to give their all, it will help keep them focus. In addition, the coach also has a crucial role to correct the mistakes made by many hitters asap.

Softball Hitting Drills

In the game of both softball and baseball, it is essential you protect your face even if you are a hitter. Hitters should use face guards that are light and allows them to have a full-unobstructed view. If you ensure your child wears a softball face guards from day one, she should have no problem whatsoever with face guards. However, even if a player is not used to wearing a face guard, she will easily adapt to face guards and will be safer. Batted balls, pitches, and on-field collisions are some of the reasons why even hitters should wear a softball face guards. A quality softball face guards will significantly reduce the risk of injuries to all players from batters to infielders. Check out our post on the importance and top best-selling recommended softball face guards here.

Before you start any of these hitting drills, you should know there will be a lot of balls flying at high speeds. Ensure all players wear softball face guardsHere are some great softball drills to get the best out of the hitters on the team:

1) Softball Hitting Drills: Colored Ball Soft Toss

Colored Ball Soft Toss drill is one of the great softball hitting drills helps the hitter keep her concentration and keep weight back.

  1. An adult/ coach/ pitcher should toss two balls of different colors at different heights.
  2. The coach should then shout or call out, the color of ball; he or she wants the hitter to hit. The hitter must then hit the ball called out into a fence or screen.
  3. You can also use 3 balls, just to increase the difficulty level.

    2) Softball Hitting Drills: Pepper Game

Softball Hitting Drills-Pepper game

This is one of the most amazing fun softball drills that improve the batter’s control and her quick, short swings.

  1. Start by positioning the batter about 22 feet from 3 fielders who are 2 feet apart from one another.
  2. Have the batter hit the ball. The hit (a ground ball) must be a quick, short downward stroke to the fielders.
  3. The ball should then be field the ball, and the pitch it at three quarters to half speed back to the batter. The batter should then hit the ball back to the fielder.
  4. These softball practice drills should be done by at most 5 players, preferably 4 (i.e. the batter and 3 fielders). For a right-handed player, the batter should hit the inside pitch to the fielder to her left, and for a left-handed player, the batter should hit the outside pitch to the fielder to her right. Down the middle, the batter should hot the pitch in the middle straight to the fielder in front of her.

    3) Softball Hitting Drills: Hitting fungoes

These fun softball drills are supposed to develop proper hand action, downward swing, follow-through, and weight shift.

  1. Have players on the deck hit fungoes to fielders on the side of the infield.
  2. You should have four batters in each of the 3 hitting stations. The batters should rotate to the back of the line of another hitting station after taking a decided number of swings.
  3. All the hitters have to go through all the 3 hitting stations.

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4) Softball Hitting Drills: Two Hand Bat

Softball Hitting Drills-Two hand Bat

These softball drills improves the player’s use of her top hand.

  1. Have a feeder positioned on a chair behind an L-shaped screen. The batter should be 10 feet in front of the screen on the plate.
  2. The feeder should then toss the ball on the outside of the plate towards the batter. The batter has to bat the ball to the opposite field using the top hand. All the batters on the team should get 10 swings each.

Lastly, tell us which softball hitting drills is your favorite in the comments section below and don’t forgot to check out our previous article on youth softball drills~ Cheers!

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