Softball Stereotypes by Dude Perfect (Reaction Post-Stress Relief)

This is our post response to a video created by Dude Perfect on Softball Stereotypes. Which ones can you related the most in your team?

Note: This post is created purely for entertainment purpose to relieve stress for our beloved softball lovers, we hope you will love it! If it makes you smile, please give this post a huge thumbs up by liking it!

Dude Perfect – Softball Stereotypes

Click on the video below to start laughing! Enjoy~^^

  1. I Got It Guy      
    • Maybe not our favorite in the list, but certainly able to provide giggles for the team 😝
  2. Always On His Phone Guy  
    • Unless you are using zepp for your training 👍Zepp Softball
  3. Nervous Kelly
  4. The Old Guy    
    • Let’s give credits to the man who pursues his dreams and never give up! Kudos to him and all of you, dream chaser!
    • But seriously, he should check out the basics of softball hitting drills 😂Softball Drills
  5. The Outrageous Umpire  
    • Erm.. He’ll have to try harder… 😩
  6. The Rally Cap Crew  
    • Definitely a unique way to build up teamwork 😅
  7. Sir Slides-A-Lot  
    • It’s softball, not football.. 🤣Softball Stereotypes-Sir Slides-A-Lot
  8. Mr Steel Trap Memory  
    • Has high potential to become a softball coach. 😐
  9. The No-Show  
    • It sux, indeed. ☹️
  10. Mr Top Ten
    • If he decides not to play softball, he can definitely consider acting as his career! 🤣Softball Stereotypes-Oscar Award
  11. The Chatter Box  
    • Two edged sword.
    • Could easily be one of the favorite or disliked players in the team depending on his frequency of energy level. 😱
  12. The Borderline Illegal, Semi Frowned Upon, Last Minute Call to your Buddy who may or may not be on an MLB Roster  
    • I hope I got that long description right, and yeah I paused the video for that 😜
    • That’s pretty cool to actually have star players as your buddy. 👊
    • That usually means you are a star too! 👍
    • Josh Donaldson was not there as he was in another post of ours. 👏
  13. Mr Accessories
    • Do you personally know someone like this?? 😱
  14. The Rage Monster  
    • He should be wearing green 🤢Softball Stereotypes-Hulk
  15. The Snack Guy
    • Our favorite, he’s a GEM! 😍😍😍
  16. Team Mom 
    • Our favorite character! Caring, positive and lovely~ They’re what we need and strive to be! 😘😘😘


Which one of the characters do you find most familiar? Do you personally know anyone who has 1 or more of the above 16 characteristic? And did you know of any other softball stereotypes that were not covered in the video?

Share with us and let us know in the comment sections below~ Let us know if you do enjoy this post by liking or commenting in this post so that we will make more of it in the future! Stay awesome and we’ll see you next time! Cheers ^^

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