TOP 3 Softball Drills every 14u Players Must Know

TOP 3 Softball Drills every 14u Players Must Know

TOP 3 Softball Drills every 14u Players Must Know

It is important that practice sections include drills. Drills are a way to hone the skills and technique of young players to their top notch potential in a fun way, especially at the 14u level. What is the definition of 14u in softball? 14u means 14 years and under as of January 1st of the year, the players are playing. This is the age limit of the players. This means a 15-year-old who was 14 as of January 1st of the year she tried out qualifies to play in a 14u team.

Here are the top 3 softball drills every 14u players must know:

1) 20-Ball Challenge

This is one of the more intense youth softball drills that improves fielding and is perfect for 14u.

Here is how the drill goes.

  • Start by putting up 2 cones, which are about 12 yards apart.
  • Now place a player between the cones even when they start get weary, and players at each cone.
  • The coach will then field 20 balls very quickly to the player in the middle. If the ball is field to the receiver’s left, she will toss it to the player to her left, and if the coach fields the ball to the receiver’s right, the receiver will toss the ball to her right.
  • When the receiver fields the ball properly, she gets a point. If the receiver does not field the ball properly (such as using her backhand to field when she gets behind the ball), she receives no points.

The focus of this drill is to ensure that the players learn to maintain good fielding even when they start to get weary.

Next off in our “TOP 3 Softball Drills every 14u Players Must Know” list:

2) Spray Hitting Drill

This is one of the best outdoor/ indoor softball drills, and this drill will help players with their short rapid swing. These fun softball drills are all about bat control. This drill also improves fielding.

Here is the drill

  • Start by having three fielders stand about 4 feet away from each other. The batter should be about 22 feet from the fielders.
  • The batter, without a pitch, attempt to hit a ball to one of the fielders as determined by the coach, then the batter will move onto the other fielder doing similar.
    • The fielders can fielders throw to the first, and a first baseman throws it home for the batter.
  • The key of this drill is to ensure the ball is as close as possible to the fielders.
  • Ensure all the players get to bat.

Lets check out the final of our “top 3 softball drills every 14u players must know” list in no particular order.

3) Multi-Ball Hitting Drill

TOP 3 Softball Drills every 14u Players Must Know-Multi Ball Hitting Drill

This is another excellent hitting drill to practice with your 14u team.  This fun softball drill will develop the player’s concentration and it will also correct body movement. It is the job of the coach to ensure they are correcting any bad forms.

Here is the drill

  • The coach starts by having two balls of two colors.
  • The coach will then throw both balls towards the batter. As soon as the coach let the balls go, she or he shouts out a color of the ball the batter should hit.
  • The batter is awarded a point if she is able to hit the right ball.
  • This will greatly improve the reflex of the player, quick hand to eye coordination and quick thinking.
  • Each batter will get 10 tries before the coach moves on to the next player.

Catchers and fielders can also be included in this drill. After the batter hits the ball, the ball can be fielded. The coach’s throws should vary. Some of the tosses should be low tosses while others should be high tosses. This will keep the batter guessing and thus improve her concentration and also help the coach notice and correct body movement just in case.

BONUS: Team Effort is Key

TOP 3 Softball Drills every 14u Players Must Know-Team Effort is KEY

It is essential that you include both drills that teach team effort and drills that improve the players individually. Scoring will help keep the drills fun and competitive that way the players will give their best. Going over the basics and doing practice as you should come first. Drills will help keep practice sessions fun and upbeat.

Free feel to share with us what do you think about those drills mentioned above for 14u.