Youth Softball Drills

One of the things you will learn as you coach young players is that they have a lot of energy. This should be put to good use when practicing. You should also fit in some fun drills also. Girls’ softball drills are all about the fundamentals. Here are some great youth softball drills, which you can practice. Drills make practices more fun and interesting, so always remember to include a few every time.
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Youth Softball Drills (Counting Bases)

Youth Softball Drills-counting bases

This drill is best done at the end of a practice section.

Here is the drill:

  1. Start by dividing the players into two groups of equal number. Next place the first group at first base. The second group will begin at home plate. The first player of the first group will begin at first base in a lead-off position with her body away from the infield. And the first player of the second group will begin in the batter’s box.
  2. The first player of the second group will now self-pitch and hit the ball as hard as she can. Since the first player of the first group cannot see the ball being struck, she will have to rely on her ear. When the first player of the first group hears the sound of the bat hitting the ball, she will run towards the ball. The batter (first player of the second group) will try to get to as many bases before the runner (first player of the first group) gets to the ball. Each base the batter (first player of the first group) touches before the runner (first player of the second group) can get to the ball is a point.
  3. All the players should get a turn. Then the groups can switch roles.

Youth Softball Drills (Target Practice)

As the name suggests, this drill will help improve the throwing accuracy of the team. It is also fun.

Here is the drill.

  1. Start by putting up a target. This can be trashcan or any big object such as a dummy.
  2. The players should then line up at first base. The players will take turns fielding a grounder at first base, and throwing the ball towards the target. Then she will move on to second base, field the ball, throw it at the target; sprint to shortstop, field the ball, throw it at the target of course; finally field the ball, throw it; and then sprint to the third base. Whenever the player hits the target, she gets awarded a point.
  3. After every player on the team has had a go, she can then move to the outfield. Each [layer will then field the ball in the right field and throw it into home. Whenever the ball hits the target, she is awarded two points. From there, she will move on to center field and then end in the left field.
  4. At the end of the drill, the player with the most points win.

One way to make the game more challenging is using a smaller object as the target.

Youth Softball Drills-target practice

Youth Softball Drills (Countdown)

Now, this is one of the most fun softball drills, and it is meant to improve the offensive side of the game.

The rules of the drill are as follows:

  1. The coach will start off by calling either –
    1. A hit away (when the coach shouts out a hit away, the player will swing)
    2. A bunt (when the coach shouts out a bunt, the player will bunt the ball in fair territory)
  • A squeeze (when the coach shouts out a squeeze, the player will bunt the ball in fair territory regardless of the area the pitch is thrown)
  1. The batters have to go for the strikes. The batter will be awarded 1 more chance with no penalty when she takes the ball, which is a pitch. If her second pitch is also a ball, she will be awarded a point and her turn is over.
  2. Properly performed hit r bunt is worth a point, while properly performed squeezes are worth two points.
  3. Missed signs such as foul bunts (excluding foul hits), missed squeezes, pop-up huts, and pop-up bunts will cause 2-point deductions.
  4. The player that gets to 20 points the fastest wins.

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